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My latest novel, Many Pigs in Manhattan, a romantic comedy adventure, along with my other 2 novels, is available at Blackcat Books in Sherbrooke (Lennoxville), as well as online. They carry new and used books. Read summaries and excerpts below.

My newest venture is the Tomifobia Studio, a collaboration with my life partner Kathy Teasdale, an extremely talented artist, photographer and writer. View examples of her work in Kathy's Images below.

I include a brief travel section which highlights a particular National Park, Monument, or other interesting site in Arizona, New Mexico, southern Utah and southwestern Colorado. This region is covered in my travel guide, The Grand Circle Tour, and my forthcoming work, Southwestern Adventure.

The last part consists of photo galleries: The Southwest is an area I have visited many times over the years, including taking students on archaeological travel courses to the region. This is followed by Cows, past and present. The third section is from my home in southeastern Quebec, Canada. The fourth section consists of Kathy's work.

I have been a photographer for more than 45 years, including a stint as a professional in the nineteen seventies and eighties. I will be changing the images in each gallery on a regular basis, along with the travel destination, so check back.

Kathy has been painting and drawing for most of her life. A self-taught artist, she focuses on landscape, nature and wildlife subjects. She has exibited at many galleries, both in Canada and internationally. Kathy also does commissions. You may contact her through this website below.


The Travel Guide


The Grand Circle Tour is a circuit around a collection of National Parks and Native American sites in the Four Corners Region of the American Southwest.

Part 1 is a two week tour of 21 different sites which includes maps, site plans and an itinerary.

Part 2 is a timeline and history of Native occupation in the region from 10,000 BC to the present day.

The Key of Theseus


Disgraced archaeologist Benny Shay returns to Crete after many years to authenticate a newly discovered artifact in an attempt to salvage his failed career. What he finds is mystery, mayhem, and murder deep in a labyrinth!

Of Sand and Blood


Enter the violent and deadly world of the gladiator where men were forced to fight, and kill, to survive. This realistic look at gladiators sets you in the arena and the daily life of a gladiator in the 1st century AD.

Many Pigs in Manhattan


Wilson is a mild-mannered children's author, Cari is a foul-mouthed ex-con who may, or may not, have killed her former boss. Longing to write an action thriller, Wilson decides to help her and they begin an action packed, mishap-strewn adventure to stay one step ahead of the law.

New title coming soon


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Excerpts from my novels

Read the beginning of my first novel, The Key of Theseus, an action-packed archaeological adventure set on the island of Crete. And my second; Of Sand and Blood, released January 29, 2018. This is a historical novel set in the 1st century AD in Italy and is a realistic look at the violent world of gladiators. Many Pigs in Manhattan? is a romantic comedy adventure set in the sothern US.

About Me

My background

I have a BA in Classical Studies and Fine Arts from Bishop's University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, and an MA from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. I have taught part time at Bishop's in Classics and Archaeology for many years.

My writing roots

My first writing project was a 60 page handout for students in an archaeological travel course to the American Southwest. A colleague of mine suggested I turn this into a book. The result was my travel guide, The Grand Circle Tour, which is based on the course.

From there, I decided to try fiction. It seemed like a natural fit because I am constantly telling stories to my students. And family members were, and are, always sharing their stories; a few might even be true.

My style

I do not write from an outline, in fact, once I start a work, I seldom know where it is going to end up. I begin with an idea, create my characterss, and turn them loose. Often I'm surprised at where they lead me. And somehow it seems to work!


Wupatki National Monument, Arizona

Traveling in the Southwest

Wupatki NM


Wupatki is a archaeological monument that contains six sites, all within easy walking distance from the road. 

Getting there


The turnoff to the monument is 16 miles noth of Flagstaff , Arizona on US 89. It is another 20 miles to the visitors center.

What is it?


The ancient pueblos were occupied by at least two groups of people: the Ancestral Puebloans and the Sinagua between AD 1100 and 1220.

Touring the park


There are six ruins in the park. From the south the first is Wukoki, photo 1, then Wupatki (banner photo and #2) behind the visitors center. Next is Citadel, above, then two across from one another at Box Canyon, photo 6, and finally Lomaki, photo 3.



Pronghorn antelope near Wukoki Ruins. Pronghorn are a common site in the southwest.

The trails


Above, Box Canyon Ruins with the San Francisco Mountains in the background. Trails to the ruins are easy and short. There are also 2 trails up twin cinder cones a ways past the visitors center. These are more difficult but offer wonderful views for the effort.

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